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Uncover a wealth of unique shopping experiences in Ilwaco, where the charm extends beyond what meets the eye. Downtown and at the Port of Ilwaco, a diverse range of offerings awaits. Explore antiquities at the Antique Gallery and Olde Towne Trading Post nestled downtown. For fishing enthusiasts, Spawn Flyfish is a go-to destination, while Ship Wrecords on Lake Street proves to be a delightful discovery. Time Enough Books not only houses an extensive collection of literature but also boasts an array of gifts and treasures, making it a destination worth exploring beyond its pages. Ilwaco invites you to indulge in a shopping journey that goes beyond the ordinary, revealing hidden gems throughout the town.

ART Galliers also offer amazing shopping visit them here at our Art in Ilwaco page!


The Antique Gallery is located at 208 First Ave. South in Downtown Ilwaco, Washington and we are celebrating our Twentieth year . We purchased the building in 2005 which at the time was the Court House and Licensing office for the area built in 1963 for the Bell Telephone Company housing 153 employees.We have almost 5000 sq. ft. of space with 16 vendors and 300 consignees with a result of having items on floor totally over 400,000 items at any given time.The Antique Gallery offers a variety of items such as Depression Glass, Carnival Glass, Lladro creations from Spain, Costume Jewelry, antique restored Cast Iron cook ware, nautical items, Vintage clothing along with variety of furniture/ lamps, cake plates and cutlery. We also offer authentic Antique Labels representing the Northwest along with a kitchen full of items and a book room full of reading materials such as manuals, novels, and magazine and comic books.Come pay us a visit if you are looking for that very special item, gift or if you just want to find a place of interesting items. 

Our hours from November 1 to April 30th are from 11:00 to 4 pm,, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  May 1 to November 1 we are open everyday from 11:00 to 5pm.

Phone # 360-642-5533


Ship Wrecords and Moor

Ship Wrecords in Ilwaco, Washington, stands out as more than just a record store; it's a cultural gem characterized by charm, an impressive selection, and a wealth of knowledge. Owned and operated by the community-driven Mike, Ship Wrecords is not merely a purveyor of music but a testament to the power of local connections. With a history steeped in bringing the community together, Mike's store is a welcoming space where music enthusiasts can explore a curated selection of records while benefiting from his extensive knowledge. Beyond the vinyl treasures, Ship Wrecords embodies a spirit of neighborly support, making it a must-stop-and-shop destination for both music aficionados and those seeking a genuine sense of community in Ilwaco.

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Luisa Mack Jewelry and Art

Luisa Mack's captivating journey into goldsmithing commenced in 2010 during her pursuit of a bachelor's degree in design for jewelry and everyday objects at the University of Pforzheim, Germany. Immersed in various techniques, from shaping rings and pendants to crafting larger objects like bowls, Luisa delved into the world of design history and the boundless possibilities within jewelry creation. Relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, inspired by her new surroundings, Luisa transitioned to crafting her unique designs in silver and gold. On October 5th, 2018, she unveiled her artistic haven, "Luisa Mack Jewelry & Art," at the Port of Ilwaco, WA, where patrons can marvel at her latest creations. Beyond her one-of-a-kind jewelry, the studio gallery also showcases paintings and ceramics by local artists, providing a dynamic and enriching artistic experience. Beyond adornments, the art on display captures the essence of Ilwaco's charm, making this boutique not just a shopping destination but a delightful exploration of artistry influenced by the coastal allure of the Pacific Northwest.

Spawn Fly Fish

Spawn Fly Fish, located in the picturesque coastal town of Ilwaco, Washington, stands as one of the world's largest retailers for fly tying enthusiasts. Nestled amid the stunning landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Spawn Fly Fish offers a vast selection of premium fly tying materials, tools, and accessories, catering to anglers of all skill levels. With a dedication to quality and innovation, Spawn Fly Fish provides anglers with everything they need to craft their perfect flies and embark on unforgettable fishing adventures. Step into our store and immerse yourself in a world of creativity, expertise, and passion for the art of fly tying


112 Spruce Street East Ilwaco WA 98624


Hours: MONDAY: 9 AM - 5 PM





SATURDAY: 9 AM - 12:30 PM