The Ilwaco Museum is a captivating treasure trove that you simply cannot miss when visiting our vibrant community. This cultural gem showcases the rich history and heritage of Ilwaco, offering visitors a fascinating journey through time. From maritime artifacts to local artistry, the Ilwaco Museum beautifully captures the essence of our coastal town. Explore exhibits that bring to life the stories of our resilient fishing community, the beauty of our natural surroundings, and the creativity of our talented residents. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious about Ilwaco's past, a visit to the Ilwaco Museum promises to be an enriching and memorable experience that truly enhances your connection to our community. Come and discover the heart and soul of Ilwaco through the captivating exhibits and stories waiting to be explored at the Ilwaco Museum.

Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum

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Located near the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean in Ilwaco, Washington, the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum captures the history and culture of this dynamic region. Starting with the Chinookan Culture and moving through time, visitors get to explore the past and present lifeways of our communities from logging to fishing to tourism and to the train that took people from one end of the North Beach Peninsula to the other.


Wednesday - Saturday10 AM - 4 PM